Alpha Coating Technologies offers a full line of high performance decorative and functional powder coatings. We focus our efforts to exceed customer objectives with Price, Performance & Service.

We offer:

Small Batch Custom Color Matches

We are well equipped to do color matching and production with quick turn around. We manufacture various specialty finishes such as hammer tone, wrinkle, transparent and multi component powder coatings. We also provide very competitive pricing for small volume orders.

Custom colors as Stock Colors

We can manufacture custom orders of 500 lbs or more. We also stock for up to 3 months for our customers and deliver as needed at a slightly higher price.  Please call for additional information.

Heat Sensitive Substrates

We have developed many new technologies suitable for medium fiberboard and plastic substrates. Some of our products are patented and for some patent pending.  We are capable of manufacturing thermal cure powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates that provide smooth and textured finishes. Low temperature cure textured powder coatings with UV resistance (for kitchen cabinet, office and RTA markets) are available. These products are superior to vinyl membranes and provide tremendous savings in the finishing cost eliminating various steps.

Low Temperature Products For Metal Substrates

We have extended the products developed for heat sensitive substrates into metal providing some unique benefits with energy saving and higher production rates. We are capable of converting most of the products currently avaiable at standard cure temperature into low temperature cure products with no additional cost. The benefits of such products include:

– Energy Savings
– Higher Productivity
– Ease of part Handling after cure
– Temperature reduction in the work environment

Quality Products at Competitive Prices with quick turn around

We can manufacture based on your needs. We can color match and produce products within a few days for very competitive prices.