Alpha coating  technology

MDF Primer

Why Powder Coating on MDF is a better option

An easy 3 step process compared to a complex traditional time consuming process

  • Apply powder coating primer (Color Choices are Limitless)
  • Cool down to required temperature
  • Apply top coat

Yes. Its as simple as that. Sanding needed only for extreme smoothness. You are done in 1 hour and MDF parts can be handled immediately

Why is Powder Coating on MDF more effective?

Why is Powder Coating on MDF more effective?

More than 3 MILS in one step application

Protects the MDF from water permeability problems

Sanding is a very easy without damaging the substrate because of high film builds

Inter coat adhesion with different type top coats is very good with Alpha primer

Flexible even at higher film builds so no cracking on edges during thickness swelling with exposure to high humidity.

The top coat can also be a clear of different gloss levels thus the primer provide final color with high gloss wet look to a satin finish

Issues with Traditional MDF Coatings

Small amount of water seeping through MDF will cause serious defects

PVA Glue sealing and sanding to be done carefully as you should not completely sand through the glue coating. Also cannot withstandwear.

Paint based primers need to be solvent based as MDF can get soaked in water. For precision work these heavy bodied primers are too thick and may soften details

As Lacquers dries through evaporation of the solvent, sealing with lacquer can bubble and crack if not applied carefully

Enamel Primers if applied in multiple layers will drip as the enamel dries. Thick one coat also will result in losing crisp detail lines

To get a smooth top coat you have to multiple coating with sanding in between

Drying time is usually very long and it can take many hours

But no worries. We got your back ! We provide MDF expert consulting

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