Color Palettes

The RAL color range provides a wonderful way to specify different shades across the full color spectrum. At alpha we have matched to over 200 RAL colors and keep them in stock ready to be shipped the same day. RAL colors are stocked in super durable polyester technology. Since most of the RAL colors have been formulated for color we can easily make and ship the products in other type of finishes such as textures, river, matte etc. within 5 days.

At Alpha, we manufacture high quality, thermosetting powder coatings. We can manufacture powder coatings based on standard polyester TGIC, super durable TGIC, TGIC free, polyurethane, epoxy, hybrids and acrylic chemistries. The choice of chemistry will depend on the intended end use, required properties (e.g., exterior durability, corrosion/chemical resistance, flexibility) and cost. To facilitate quick turn around we have also inventory of many products in different chemistries and finishes. Please look at stock color list for the range of products we have

If you need a custom formulation, we can make these chemistries in many different colors and gloss based on your needs. These color matches can be done within five to ten working days. The product can be manufactured within five days after approval or can go through a match and make process to save time. We custom design products that meets customer needs in many industries such as furniture, appliance, automotive, architectural and general metal finishing.

Powder coatings for MDF: Technological advancements in powder coating materials and application and curing methods have made powder coating possible on heat sensitive substrates, like medium-density fiberboard (MDF). We have patented technology that facilitates this process. We have been supplying these products for OEMs and job shops for the last 10 years. These products are available in many chemistries and finishes based on your needs.